The Gunas of Prakriti

Written in the Bhagavad Gita the three properties that the entire manifest world are made up of are described.  

They are called the 3 Gunas:  Rajas, Tamas and Sattva.  They are intertwining forces that are found in different proportions that weave together to make material nature, including human consciousness.

Parsvakonasana ~ Utthita & Parivritta

Connecting the legs into the core of the body via the upper inner thighs...connecting to Mula Bandha!

Connecter les jambes à son centre via le haut des cuisses... Connecté à Mula Bandha!

The revolved version of parsvakonasana is great for the legs as well as bringing movement to the internal organs to aid in the cleansing process!  

Here's how to do it...
Voici comment faire...
Le version inversée de de parsvakonasana est excellente pour les jambes et pour apporter du mouvement aux organes internes, ce qui aidera le processus de nettoyage/évacuation. 

Kurmasana & Supta Kurmasana

These are two of the most challenging poses of the primary series!

Activating the adductors in Kurmasana and keeping the femur bones 'connected' into the core of the body.
Activer les adducteurs dans Kurmasana et garder la connection entre les fémurs vers le centre du corps.

Some tips on how to work on getting the legs to go behind the head, without forcing.  Good luck!
Voici quelques trucs pour amener les jambes derrière la tete, sans forcer. Bonne chance!