Paschimottanasana - Seated Forward Bend

Actually the translation of the Sanskrit name is Western Intense Stretch.  Funny, huh?!  It's because traditionally yoga is practiced in the morning while facing the rising sun therefore, the side of the body that receives the stretch is the West side.  However it is called, it is one of the integral poses of many yoga systems, not only Ashtanga.  And the anatomical alignment of the spine and the pelvis are the bases for every other forward bending pose whether it be Janusirsasana A, B or C or Krounchasana.

Gerald & Linda Yoga Asana Demonstration

Here is a fun video of Gerald and Linda doing a mix of asanas from different Ashtanga series!

Hand Stands are Fun & Scary

During the teacher training we get to do some 'fun' work.  Experimenting with balancing on our hands and arms.  Here is a little video showing some of the things we work on.